About the artist


Qualifications: BAFA [University of Stellenbosch – 1991] & HDE [UNISA]

Resides in Boston, Cape Town, South Africa.

Husband, father to two grown sons, cat lover, artist, Visual Arts school teacher, manager, curator, sports coach and archer.

Group Exhibitions: Vuleka -Artb
Woordfees x2 – Stellenbosch (Theo Kleynhans)
Tiny Treasures I – V – Artb
Drawing the Line -Artb (Elizabeth Miller Vermeulen)
The Grand II & The Grand IV – Rust-en-Vrede
30×40 Members Choice, many more at Artb

2017 & 18 Woordfees (Stellenbosch) Liebrecht Gallery (Avril Gardiner) Pniel Museum Gallery; Finalist in Bouchard Finlayson Tondo art competition; Karroo Art Hotel, etc.

Solo Exhibitions:

Winter Traffic (2015) – Rust-en-Vrede Gallery, Durbanville

City Lights (2016) – Artscape Foyer

Bokeh (2020) – Rust-en-Vrede Gallery, Durbanville

Subject matter:  Synthetic night lights and distorted, blurry moving forms through a car’s moving  windscreen wipers. I am not painting street scenes, nor city-scapes.  Imitating the naturalistic scene is not the goal – the balanced, unified composition of colours, tones and shapes is the goal.  From afar it may create the mood and feel of a street or city scene, but close up it becomes little more than spontaneous brush marks of contrasting tones and colours.  I am trying to capture an atmosphere of movement, organised chaos and vibrant energy, but with the main focus on the medium and the style, not the subject.

Inspiration: My surroundings. The Cape of Storms – Cape Town city on a stormy winters night.

Style: Expressive, abstracted, gestural & impressionistic.

Technique: Impasto approach – textured paint application. Delicate colour mixing from various primary colours [+viridian] and loose, visible brush strokes. Four whites [mostly mixing white and titanium, but also flake and zinc] form part of the final pallete. Black is strictly excluded from the range.

Format: Various

Medium: Oils on canvas/board.

Biggest challenge: Knowing when to stop! “Over-painting” delivers a sterile product.



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